The Sheriff's Office prepares for the upcoming year.
The MCSO has signed an agreement with the U.S. Army that we will interview people that are ending their career with the Army.
MCSO K-9 Deputy in training with new body armor.
Corporal Kofee Anderson awarded 2017 D.A.R.E. Officer Of The Year. (Click for Video)
Before and after images of the new MCSO Dispatch.
Before and after images of the new MCSO Dispatch.
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Live Radio Dispatch
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Deputy Sheriff Trainee, $38,236 annually
Annual Easter Egg Hunt
Deputy Dave Day in Ramer, Alabama
Explorer Post 2590
Corporal Kofee Anderson - National Dare Officer of the Year
02/26/2018Citizens Academy Enrollment
03/10/2018Firearms Familiarization Course
03/31/2018Annual Easter Egg Hunt
04/14/2018Citizens Academy Graduation
04/28/2018Deputy Dave's Family and Friends Day