Deputy Sheriff Trainee $38,236 **Must complete a 12-Week A.P.O.S.T. Training Program

      Deputy Sheriff $39,456 - $51,661 **Additional $50 month for 2nd shift and an Additional $100 month for 3rd shift

      Corrections Officer Trainee $30,096 ** Must complete a 2 Week Training Program

      Corrections Officer $31,344 - $46,832 **Shift Differential for 2nd & 3rd Shifts


        DEPUTY SHERIFF Requirements                                                                  CORRECTIONS OFFICER Requirements

        21  years of age or older                                                                                    19 years of age or olds
        Valid Alabama Driver's License                                                                          High School Diploma or GED
        High School Diploma or GED                                                                             Pass a Background Investigation
        Pass a Criminal Background Check                                                                    Pass a Drug Screening
        Pass a Background Investigation                                                                       Pass a Physical Exam
        Pass a Drug Screening                                                                                       Pass a Written Exam
        Pass a Physical Exam                                                                                          Pass a Physical Agility Test
        Pass a Written Exam                                                                                           Pass a Multiple-Choice Written Exam
        Pass a Physical Agility/Ability Test                                                                     Must be available to work shift
        Must be available to work shift                                                                            hours/weekends/holidays
   What is the Physical Agility/Ability Test?                                                          What is the Physical Agility Test?
        Push Car 15 feet                                                                                                   Push Car 15 feet
        Climb 6 foot fence                                                                                                Run short distance then climb 6 foot
        Crawl through window                                                                                            wall or chain link fence
        Walk balance beam                                                                                              Crawl through window
        Pull 165 lb. dummy 15 feet                                                                                  Walk balance beam
        22 push-ups in 1 minute                                                                                      Pull 165 lb. dummy 15 feet
        25 sit-ups in 1 minute                                                                                         *Each Applicant  will have 2 attempts
        Run 1.5 miles in 15 minutes & 28 seconds                                                              to complete each obstacle
                                                                                                                                   *Test must be completed in 2 minutes
    Benefits of Becoming a Deputy Sheriff                                                           Benefits of Becoming a Corrections Officer
      Competitive Salary                                                                                                 Competitive Salary
      College Incentive Tuition Plan                                                                                College Incentive Tuition Plan
          (Additional Compensation for Completed                                                            (Additional Compensation for Completed
          Bachelor's & Master's Degree in                                                                            Bachelor's & Master's Degree in
          Approved Courses of Study)                                                                                  Approved Courses of Study)
       Opportunity for Advancement                                                                              Opportunity for Advancement
       Retirement Investment Program                                                                           Retirement Investment Program
       Health & Life Insurance                                                                                         Health & Life Insurance
       Paid Holidays                                                                                                         Paid Holidays
       Paid Annual & Sick Leave                                                                                      Paid Annual & Sick Leave
       Take Home Vehicle if you Reside in Montgomery Co.                                          Two In-House Fitness Rooms
       Two In-House Fitness Rooms                                                                                Shift Differential Pay
       Shift Differential Pay
If you want to be a part of our team, there are several ways to apply....
     In person...
         City-County Personnel Department
         27 Madison Avenue
         Montgomery, AL  36104
          Recruitment @mc-ala.org
     Apply Online...
For More Information Contact:
Deputy Sheriff Recruiter @ 334-832-1680
Corrections Officer Recruiter @ 334-832-7167