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WRobinsonSitting.jpg On November 30, 2009, Wanda Jackson Robinson was appointed Director of Detention at the Montgomery County Mac Sim Butler Detention Facility and she continues to hold the position today.  She attended and graduated from Robert E. Lee High School in 1978, and later received a Bachelor of Science Degree in 1982 from Alabama State University in Montgomery.

She earned her current position of Colonel after many dedicated, tedious years at the Detention Facility.  She began her career as a Corrections Officer or commonly known as "Jailer" and worked her way up to Captain in May 1998.  She maintained the title of Captain from 1998 to September 2001.  At which time, she was promoted to Assistant Director of Detention and earned the rank of Major which she maintained until November 30, 2009. 

Colonel Robinson's rank of  Director of Detention is the most important and highest rank at the Detention Facility.  She provides administrative leadership to the Mac Sim Butler Detention Facility and oversees the daily operations of the facility. 

Essential Functions of Director of Detention

  • Developing and Monitoring Facility Policies and Procedure
  • Directly Supervising the Detention Facility Assistant Director
  • Indirectly Supervising Captains, Lieutenants, Sergeants, Officers, and Civilians
  • Overseeing Facility Operations
  • Investigating and Resolving Complaints
  • Preparing and Monitoring the Facility's Budget
  • Acting Liaison between the Inmates and the Officers and between the Facility and the Court and Legal Systems
  • Helping Ensure the Safety of Staff and Inmates

The Director works directly under the Sheriff and Chief Deputy of the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office and receives minimal supervision in the form of work product review.  The Sheriff and Chief Deputy instruct Colonel Robinson with various assignments in the form of concepts or ideas.  The incumbent is responsible for devising methods, practices and for administration of the final concepts and/or ideas.  The precedence and importance of upholding the rank of Director of Detention leaves no room for errors in judgment which could be detrimental i.e., lawsuit, loss of safety and/or death of personnel and/or inmates.

Below are professional affiliations as well as volunteer services
Colonel Robinson is associated with:

Professional Affiliations
Graduate Peace Officers Standards & Training Commission December 1986

Graduate of Leadership Montgomery XXI, 2004

Member, Board of Directors – Exchange Club, 2010 – 2012

Member, Board of Directors, CAP, April 2011 - 2014


Volunteer work with the Sheriff's Office

Coordinator for Annual Deputy Dave Family and Friend Day in Ramer, Alabama

Coordinator for Annual MCSO Camp Show and Tell

Coordinator for MCSO Annual Employee Appreciation Banquet

MCSO Senior Citizens and Kids Fishing Rodeo