Administrative Division

Captain Wesley Richerson

  Division Commander


Support Services Supervisor - Lieutenant Kirk Harbin

Training Supervisor & Range Instructor - Sergeant Thomas Griffith

Equipment Support Supervisor – Sgt. Silas Orum

Community Relations Supervisor - Sgt. Jessie Oliver

School Relations Supervisor - Lt. Sherri Taylor


The Administrative Division primary function is to support the public through various community involvement programs and to provide support for the Sheriff's Office personnel with "behind the scenes" assistance.  The Administrative Division is comprised of six individual units that are manned by a selected group of Officers within the Sheriff's Office that are trained in their respective areas.  These units are:

  1.  The School Support Unit - provides support to our County schools with School Resource Officers (SRO's) as well as Instructors for our Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) and Gang Reduction Education and Training (G.R.E.A.T.) programs.

  2.  The Community Relations Unit - works with the public on various programs such as Project Lifesaver, Are You Ok, Yellow Dot, Citizens Academy, and our Explorer Program as well as many other community based programs and activities.

  3.  The Montgomery County Sheriff's OFfice Emergency Communications Center - is responsible for receiving all of the emergency and non-emergency calls from citizens, residences and businesses outside of the city limits of Montgomery.  The Center is staffed with 11 Dispatchers and their duties include dispatching law enforcement, fire, and medical personnel as required to calls for service.

4.  The Montgomery County Training/Range Unit - ensures that all of the Sheriff's Office personnel are up to date on the latest training information and provides the training with firearms to provide Officers with the skills necessary to do their job.  They also provide citizens of Montgomery county with an opportunity to receive training through our Firearms Familiarization Course.

5.  The Support Services Unit - is responsible for all purchases and provides equipment and supplies to other divisions within the Sheriff's Office as maintenance on Sheriff's Office equipment and vehicles.

6.  Equipment Support Unit - this unit maintains the all of our emergency call out equipment such as Generators, Saws, Specialty Trailers, Mobile Command Post, etc.  This unit is responsible for the installation of all emergency lighting and equipmnet for our Law Enforcement vehicle fleet.

Do not hesitate to contact the Division Commander or any of the other personnel within the division and allow them to serve you!