Division Commander: Captain Trent Beasley

Asst. Division Commander: Lieutenant Randy Pollard

Special Operations Commander, (Tactical Operations):  Captain W. Richerson

Supervisor: Sergeant Jeff Davis

Supervisor: Sergeant Joshua Stewart


Mission Statement: It is the commitment of the Criminal Investigations Division, commonly known as CID, to strive for excellence and professionalism; while providing the highest level of criminal investigative support for the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office. It is our sincere goal to thoroughly and vigorously investigate any assigned criminal case committed in our jurisdiction. CID further pledges to provide the most diligent investigative services possible to our citizens and visitors of Montgomery County.

The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigations Division is comprised of multiple units that use some of today's most advanced investigative techniques and forensic equipment. The CID is broken down into the following investigative units and assignments: General Investigations, Drug Unit, Crime Scene; (Property Room) and Multi-Jurisdictional Task Force Officers. Additionally within the CID, the Special Operations Unit (Tactical/SWAT Operations) is a specialized unit that provides tactical support for the entire Sheriff's Office. . The CID also lends support and assistance to surrounding counties, state and federal agencies, when called upon.

As the Captain of Criminal Investigation Division, I am duly sworn to supervise 23 full time employees, this consist of 19 sworn deputies and 4 civilian employees. CID is primarily responsible for the investigation of all felony related crimes and certain misdemeanors, upon request of the Sheriff or, a designee there of.  CID Investigators are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week,   and are able to respond to any emergency that requires investigative assistance or support.


Specific functions of the CID Units include:

General Investigations

General Investigations primarily investigates all felony related crimes - and lessor crimes upon the direction of the Sheriff.

•Respond to all major crime scenes

•Create case files from assigned cases

•Conduct death investigations

•Conduct/Investigate any/all persons crimes

•Conduct/Investigate any/all property crimes

•Conduct missing persons investigations

•Coordinate cases designated for prosecution with the District Attorney and Attorney General's Office

• Assist/ Coordinate with other Local, State and Federal investigative agencies/units

•Conduct sensitive or special interest investigations at the direction of the Sheriff


Drug Unit

The narcotics investigators handle all drug related crimes. These investigators generate cases through confidential contacts, but also work cases that originate from other divisions within the department.

•Conduct undercover drug investigations/eradication

•Conduct undercover surveillance

•Conduct undercover buys

•Conduct drug search warrants

•Coordinate cases designated for prosecution with the District Attorney's Office and the D.E.A.

• Assist/ Coordinate with other Local, State and Federal narcotics agencies/units

•Conduct seizures of real property and other assets that are directly related to drug investigations.


Crime Scene

 The Crime Scene Unit is primarily responsible for processing all crime scenes and physical evidence for the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office.

•Respond to all major crime scenes.

•Collect relevant evidence and property  

•Process scenes via the multi-purpose Mobile Command Vehicle

•Process evidence using the latest scientific chemical testing and most advanced forensic equipment.

•Photograph crime scenes and evidence utilizing HD digital and advanced 3D scanning

•Custodial maintenance of evidence and property. (Property Room)

• Conduct advanced fingerprint lifting techniques, and latent print examination.

• Assist other local agencies with crime scene processing.


Tactical Operations

The Sheriff's Office has a fully operational Tactical Team. All members of the team are volunteers and must maintain the highest standards and qualifications. The Tactical Team is comprised of deputies from multiple divisions.

•Provide Tactical support

•Assist in hostage negotiations / Active Shooter

•Conduct/Assist Drug Search Warrants

•Conduct vehicle take downs

•Coordinate/Assist in dignitary protection

• Assist/ Coordinate tactical support with other local, state and federal tactical units

•Conduct airborne insertions

•Conduct search and rescue


Multi-Jurisdictional Task Force Officer(s)

Task Force Officers are deputies that have been appointed by the Sheriff, and serve in various capacities with other agencies. The Sheriff designates which Task Force that the deputy will be assigned to and the length of time that he or she will serve.

•Conduct High Level arrest warrants

•Conduct/Assist Felony Crime and Drug related Search Warrants

•Conduct high level surveillance

•Coordinate/Assist in dignitary protection

• Assist/ Coordinate tactical support with other local, state and federal agencies


CID Quarterly statistics for 2017

•1st Quarter – 142 cases assigned to investigators.

                        27 cases closed by arrest.

•2nd Quarter – 164 cases assigned to investigators.

                         32 cases closed by arrest.

•3rd Quarter – 203 cases assigned to investigators.

                        48 cases closed by arrest.

•4th Quarter – 117 cases assigned to investigators.

                        14 cases closed by arrest.

•Year End totals – 626 cases assigned to investigators.

                             121 closed by arrest.


CID Quarterly statistics for 2018

* 1st Quarter   - 155 cases assigned to investigators

                          29 closed by arrest

* 2nd Quarter -   208 cases assigned to investigators

                           31 closed by arrest

  *These totals do not include potential arrest awaiting presentation to the Grand Jury.