Montgomery County Sheriff's Office



The Legal Services Division is the largest and most diverse division within the Sheriff's Office.  It is my goal as Major of this division to oversee all operations and make sure that everything is done correctly and in order with professionalism and expertise. 

This division is comprised of civil service process, issuance of pistol permits, warrants (both maintenance and service), registration of ex-felons, maintenance of records and classification of fingerprints as well as comparison of fingerprints, execution of probate orders, transportation of probate patients and inmates, security for all county courthouse facilities and security for all judges and their courtrooms while in session. 

There are currently 42 sworn deputies (including 4 supervisors), 6 civilian court security officers, 7 civilian Clerks, 1 account clerk, 1 records and ID clerk, 2 fingerprint classifiers and 2 fingerprint examiners. 

The Responsibilities of the Legal Services Division include the following:

  1. Serving legal documents  (attempting approximately 61,692 per year)
  2. Issuing pistol permits (approximately 13,000 per year)
  3. Transporting probate patients to different facilities throughout the State of Alabama (approximately 700 probate patients and travel approximately 12,070 miles per year)
  4. Attempting and perfecting service of warrants (approximately 3,400 per year)
  5. Transporting inmates from the detention facility to the courtrooms (approximately 5,530 per year)
  6. Perform background checks (approximately 6,100 per year) and fingerprinting on individuals (approximately 2,500 per year)
  7. Overall the Legal Services Division handles approximately 292,686 people that go throughout the various county facilities.
  8. Registration of ex-felons.
  9. All financial accounts are handled within the Civil Office of this Division.

NOTE: The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office, in accordance with proper service, will only accept legal documents from the courts or law enforcement agencies from which they originated.


The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office also offers an internship program for high school and college students.  Our high school interns are employed with our agency and receive a hourly pay of $7.25 an hour.  Our high school internship program is administered by the Montgomery County Commission.  Our college interns participate in our program for one semester voluntarily at the recommendation of their Dean.  During the summer  months our agency also hire summer workers where our summer workers are paid $7.25 an hour for high school students and $7.65 an hour for college students.  The criteria for our college internship program is the following:

  1. The internship must be for credit hours within the curriculum of the Criminal Justice field.
  2. Our agency accepts (2) interns per semester and selection is based on a first come, first serve basis.  The colleges that participate in our program are:
    1. Auburn University at Montgomery
    2. Auburn University
    3. Alabama State University
    4. Troy State
    5. Troy State at Montgomery
    6. Faulkner
    7. South University
    8. University of Alabama

Our high school internship program is administered by the Montgomery County Commission.  Our college program offers the students exposure to our entire agency.  The students are rotated through all (4) of our divisions which are comprised of the following:

  1. Patrol Division
  2. Investigative Division
  3. Legal Services Division
  4. Administrative division

In addition, the students are given a tour of Montgomery County in order for them to see the  jurisdiction that our office is responsible for, as well as viewing the Montgomery County Detention Facility and the Montgomery County Youth Facility.