Explorer Post 2590 is a Law Enforcement Exploring Post sponsored by Montgomery County Sheriff's Office  under the umbrella of the Boy Scouts.  Our Post is a hands-on Post that will give each member the knowledge and insight on what it takes to develop a career in law enforcement  or corrections.  The Post is a year-round Post that is a continuous process.  This explorer post is more of a mentor - mentee type post where we stress development of skills and characteristics which will take our youth into the future.  Preparing our youth for not only law enforcement career paths but any other career path that's strict with discipline and respect.



  • To provide fun "hands-on" experience in the fields of law enforcement and corrections.
  • To promote volunteering and community service for the good of our community and its members.
  • To encourage positive social interactions and team building through group activities.
  • To instill discipline and leadership among our members.

Student can leave the explorer post once they reach the age of 19 and be hired with this agency as a corrections officer.


  1. Must be ages 12 to 19
  2. Must be in 6th grade
  3. Must be able to attend monthly meeting
  4. Must maintain a 2.0 GPA
  5. Must be in good standing in school


  • ‚ÄčOur Explorers are DEDICATED and HARD WORKING

  • Explorer's meet monthly  on the 1st Tuesday of the Month from 6pm to 7pm (With exception of the competition team)

  • Free uniforms provided

  • Duty gear is provided (plastic training gun, plastic training taser, handcuffs and radio)

  • Out of town training opportunities


For additional information,

 please contact


Corporal Cedric Leonard
334.832.1369 - Office
334.850..5528 - Work Cell