Montgomery County Sheriff's Office is proud to introduce to the community our new Operation Identification/Business & Church Watch Program.  This program enables citizens of our county to access our secure county database and create a login and a password where we will house the serial numbers of your most valuable possessions.  This program is free to all citizens.  Under this program, whatever you enter into the database is confidential to you or your business and/or church.  The Sheriff's Office will not check your login to see what you have registered or any of the information that you have entered or recorded in the database.  This programs main purpose is to assist our citizens in the event they are victimized by crime and/or need immediate access to their serial numbers and to the property that they have listed.  Hopefully this program will allow us to identify stolen property fast by being able to put serial numbers onto our national databases that are searched by law enforcement in the event they come across suspicious property.  This program hopefully will allow us to make arrest and assist us in prosecuting those people that purchase or possess stolen property.‚Äč